Mar 25, 2014

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Types of Accommodations in New Zealand

HotelThere are various types of accommodations in New Zealand for tourists, from luxury hotels to cozy, friendly farmstays. Depending on your preference and need, there is surely a perfect accommodation for you.

These accommodations vary in their price, available amenities, general personality, and of course locations. To make sure you book an accommodation of quality services and facilities, look for those with a Qualmark star rate.


You can find both budget and luxury hotels throughout New Zealand. Hotels offer you access to cafes, restaurants, bars, and gyms.

There are luxury hotels owned by top international hotel chains like Accor, Westin, Hyatt, and InterContinental usually located in major cities like Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington. There are also homey hotels in country pubs if you want a more “country” feel.

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Mar 22, 2014

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Two Types of Camping in New Zealand

campingThousands of tourists in New Zealand prefer camping than other accommodations because of the thrill and freedom to camp wherever they want. It really feels nice to camp out using your own campervan, tent, car, or motorhome after a long day of sightseeing.

In New Zealand, there are two types of camping: freedom camping and camping at designated campsites and holiday parks.

Freedom Camping

Freedom camping is an overnight camping at sites not officially designated as campsite or holiday park. In other words, this is when you pull up at the side of the road or a remote place to spend the night. Tourists in New Zealand usually free camp at picnic areas, remote areas, and laybys.

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Jun 27, 2014

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Consider Staying at a Hostel for Your Vacation in New Zealand

Travelling to New Zealand doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. It’s really just a matter of knowing what to do. So long as you actually do your research, you’ll be able to think of ways to make your trip to New Zealand very affordable. In this post, I’m going to talk about one thing you should consider in order to make your trip the country more affordable: stay at a hostel. Sure, hostels may not offer the same level of comfort and luxury hotels do, but they’re cozy enough for most travellers.

Unlike the hostels in many other countries, the hostels in New Zealand actually offer accommodations befitting small hotels. It’s really a wonder considering that these hostels actually offer their services at very affordable rates. Sure there may be small problems when you stay these hotels, but such minor inconveniences are addressed as promptly as possible by their proprietors.

The Luomo Hostel is one of the most well-known hostels in New Zealand. So many backpackers from all over the world book their rooms months in advance at the hostel because backpackers know that even though the hostel is very cheap to book a room at, it actually offers the coziest accommodations. Still, even though the quality of the hostel’s services may be really amazing, it encounters the same problems other hostels encounter.

“When I stayed at the Luomo Hostel, I actually encountered a minor inconvenience. When I first when inside my room, I noticed that there was a leak in there. It wasn’t that big, but it made a part of my room really wet. Thankfully, though, the hostel’s management was very prompt at taking care of it. Apparently, there was damage to the part of the roof directly above my head. Thankfully, they had employees who are able to do amazing roofing. Just an hour after I checked in, the leak was gone,” Lenny Bruce, a customer of ours from the United States, told us.

Of course, this does not mean that hostels in the country frequently cause minor inconveniences to their clients. In fact, minor inconveniences such as roof leaks are quite rare. Although the hostels are not able to provide perfect accommodations all of the time like the best hotels in the country do, they’re still able to do a great job with their accommodations for the most part. And even if there are minor inconveniences, the proprietors are quick to address them.

Hopefully, this post of mine proves helpful to all of my readers. Don’t think that staying at a hostel during your New Zealand trip is going to mar your experience. Staying at such a place can actually be a memorable experience in itself. Considering that the cost of staying at such places is very cheap, you really would do well to consider doing so. Not only will it make your New Zealand experience much cheaper, it will also provide you a more authentic travel experience. Trust us, you won’t regret staying at a hostel.

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Jun 24, 2014

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Reasons Why Customized Tours are Perfect for You

When you are on a holiday with your family or friends, you want to make sure that you can minimize the overall cost as much as possible. However, you have to understand that going for holidays is not about saving. It is about having fun. You need to make the most out of the time that you have with the people you love. Thus, if you can splurge as long as you get what you deserve, then do it. There is no reason for you to hold back especially if you can have the time of your life during your trip.

Wherever in the world you are travelling to, customised tours can bring you a more fulfilling travel experience. From beautiful mountains to lovely beaches, the choice is yours to make. If it is your first time to travel to a country, and you have decided to travel by group, then could go for a customized group tour package. This might be something new for many people, but this is in fact a great choice. The truth is that when you go for this type of tour, your holiday will become more memorable. Here are the reasons why:

• You can select the types of activities that you want. You won’t be forced to hurry in an activity that you want to do and do another activity that does not really thrill you just because it is in the itinerary. Instead, you can spend as long as you want on a place that is preferred by the group.

• When you are not really familiar with the country, you might not know the best places to go. With this package, you will be asked about the kinds of places that you want to see. You will then be given suggestions on where to go and how to make the most out of your stay.

• You can eliminate the activities that are not worth it for you. For some people, traveling to cold mountains might be something fun and adventurous. However, if it is not that appealing to you, then you can just cross it out.

There are a lot more reasons to go for this kind of tour. Rest assured, you will have fun if you give it a try. Whether your touring New Zealand or Australia, or taking European or South America Tours, you can have a more awesome experience with a tour package that’s customised for you.

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May 6, 2014

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Traveling to New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best places to have a vacation in with a group of close friends. This is because New Zealand has something for everyone. For your friend who enjoys a good a dose of nature, New Zealand’s amazing mountainscapes and seascapes are enough to provide an amazing experience. For your partyphile friend, New Zealand’s amazing urban culture offers the hottest events. Whatever you’re looking for, you will surely find it in New Zealand. To make everything easier for you, we offer discount rates to groups of travelers. By availing of our services, you save around 70% on your airline expenses. On special occasions, we even offer 99% discount ticketing services to our clients. All of our clients have ended up satisfied with the help we have given them. Unlike other travel agencies, we offer our services with no strings attached.

Our discounts, however, only apply to our ticketing services. For your lodging and other tour expenses, the rates are just normal. Although most of our clients find the costs of such things not too much for them to shoulder, some do. These people shouldn’t worry, though. According to our research, many of the tourists who go to New Zealand are able to shoulder the costs of touring and lodging without hurting their personal finances, and this is through binary options trading. So long as one works with a licensed brokerage, one can easily earn enough money to deal with one’s touring and lodging expenses in New Zealand.

When doing binary options trading, we can’t stress doing so with a licensed brokerage enough. According to our research, the primary reason why people aren’t able to build their travel fund when doing binary options trading is “working with an unlicensed brokerage.” Unlicensed brokerages, although they offer perks that seem more attractive than the perks offered by licensed brokerages, always work to rob their clients of their hard-earned money. When you trade currencies at Banc de Binary or any other licensed brokerage, you can be sure that your trade will always have at least a 50% chance of earning you a profit. Licensed brokerages never rig their clients’ trades.

One of our clients who were able to take advantage of both our services and binary options trading is James Marshe, the celebrity backpacker. Here’s what he had to say about his travel experience in New Zealand.

“For my trip to New Zealand, I actually spent less than $2000. This is because my friends and I availed of the services of this one travel agency. Through their services, the price of our tickets decreased by 80%! As for our hotel, dining, and leisure, we were able to adequately prepare for them by doing binary options trading. By doing binary options trading for just two hours every day, we were able to earn enough money to deal with our other travel expenses in just a week. It’s really amazing. Although it seems weird, New Zealand is actually a backpacker-friendly country. One just has to know what to do in order to lessen one’s travel expenses for their New Zealand trip.”

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Mar 27, 2014

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Renting a Car in New Zealand

RENTINGCARYou may be in the process of planning your itineraries for your trip in New Zealand and sees that travel agencies actually offer bus and coaches transport services. This sounds appealing to you because it’s hassle-free, but you still want to have the freedom on where to go and explore.

If that’s the case, you will love self-driving. You’ll be able to explore places that are not on usual tourist trails. Before you drive on New Zealand roads, however, you need a car.

You have the option to either buy or rent a car. If your trip is longer than 10 weeks, you should consider buying a car. But if your trip to NZ is a short one, a few weeks perhaps, renting is a better idea.

Requirements for Renting a Car

To rent a car in New Zealand you have to:

  • be at least 21 years old
  • possess a valid local or international driver’s license fully written in English
  • educate yourself on New Zealand driving rules

There are lots of car rental companies in New Zealand, from the big international companies to local ones. Like in other rentals, the longer you hire, the cheaper it is.

Best Car Rental Services

This is a list of best car rental services according to the rankings and reviews of tourists:

Anzed Rentals

Tourists loved this rental company located at Christchurch because of its well-maintained vehicles and excellent services. In fact, it is the 2013 winner of the “Traveller Voted Award” for the best car rental company in New Zealand.

Services include prompt pick-ups and drop-offs at airport; free-of-charge GPS and updated maps; and other perks like phone rentals, coolers, and baby seats. The tourists also received very useful advice on New Zealand driving routes and rules.

Go Rentals

This rental is also popular among tourists. Offering services in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown, it provides safe, clean, and affordable vehicles at competitive prices. The tourists also loved its straightforward and efficient services.

Touchdown Car Rentals

This is a car rental based in Christchurch, so it’s good if you’re visiting the South Island. They offer BMW Minis, 7-seater Toyota Highlanders, and late-model Subaru Foresters, all at a reasonable cost. The tourists experienced fast pick-ups and drop-offs since it’s based at Commodore Hotel, very near to the airport. They also liked the friendly transactions and other perks like unlimited kilometers and free shuttle service.

NZ Discount Car Rentals Limited

This rental company is affiliated with Mike Vinsen Motors, one of Auckland’s biggest car importers. It is also a member of the Rental Vehicle Association of New Zealand. Tourists praised it for its friendly, need-responsive services; safe and well-maintained cars; and affordable rates.

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