Mar 27, 2014

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Renting a Car in New Zealand

RENTINGCARYou may be in the process of planning your itineraries for your trip in New Zealand and sees that travel agencies actually offer bus and coaches transport services. This sounds appealing to you because it’s hassle-free, but you still want to have the freedom on where to go and explore.

If that’s the case, you will love self-driving. You’ll be able to explore places that are not on usual tourist trails. Before you drive on New Zealand roads, however, you need a car.

You have the option to either buy or rent a car. If your trip is longer than 10 weeks, you should consider buying a car. But if your trip to NZ is a short one, a few weeks perhaps, renting is a better idea.

Requirements for Renting a Car

To rent a car in New Zealand you have to:

  • be at least 21 years old
  • possess a valid local or international driver’s license fully written in English
  • educate yourself on New Zealand driving rules

There are lots of car rental companies in New Zealand, from the big international companies to local ones. Like in other rentals, the longer you hire, the cheaper it is.

Best Car Rental Services

This is a list of best car rental services according to the rankings and reviews of tourists:

Anzed Rentals

Tourists loved this rental company located at Christchurch because of its well-maintained vehicles and excellent services. In fact, it is the 2013 winner of the “Traveller Voted Award” for the best car rental company in New Zealand.

Services include prompt pick-ups and drop-offs at airport; free-of-charge GPS and updated maps; and other perks like phone rentals, coolers, and baby seats. The tourists also received very useful advice on New Zealand driving routes and rules.

Go Rentals

This rental is also popular among tourists. Offering services in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown, it provides safe, clean, and affordable vehicles at competitive prices. The tourists also loved its straightforward and efficient services.

Touchdown Car Rentals

This is a car rental based in Christchurch, so it’s good if you’re visiting the South Island. They offer BMW Minis, 7-seater Toyota Highlanders, and late-model Subaru Foresters, all at a reasonable cost. The tourists experienced fast pick-ups and drop-offs since it’s based at Commodore Hotel, very near to the airport. They also liked the friendly transactions and other perks like unlimited kilometers and free shuttle service.

NZ Discount Car Rentals Limited

This rental company is affiliated with Mike Vinsen Motors, one of Auckland’s biggest car importers. It is also a member of the Rental Vehicle Association of New Zealand. Tourists praised it for its friendly, need-responsive services; safe and well-maintained cars; and affordable rates.

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